GC Big Frame White

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The Next Generation of Ground Control frames have arrived, the introduction BIGS. A... mehr
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The Next Generation of Ground Control frames have arrived, the introduction

BIGS. A collaborative effort with team riders and our design team are built with smooth roll of a recreational framework setup to offer the BIGs GC familiar street mixed attributes. By increasing the height of the frame to the width of the H-block to, and lowering of the side walls and the outer edges of the center groove, we are now able to provide a framework that allows for a maximum wheel size of 72 mm, the like a skates road frame. Complete with aluminum spacer, the wheels are smooth and fast roll with minimal resistance.

- 260mm distance between the 1st and # 4
- 114mm distance between the 2nd and 3rd axle
- 54mm sidewall height / 63mm high at the lowest point of the h-block
- Lowered side walls and h-block provide protection from excessive wheel bite grinds
- Bare frame weighs 9.4 ounces
- GC Sickle axes / aluminum frame spacers / UFS mounting screws
- FLT3 composite
- 1 size fits all

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