GC Mega Frame black

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Our new lightweight street  frame  that allows up to 64mm wheels flat... mehr
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Our new lightweight street frame that allows up to 64mm wheels flat rockered.  The MEGA has a more traditional height, offering a low center of gravity and familiar balance on topsides and h-block grinds. The h-block is designed to wrap around the inner wheels to help safeguard skaters from the dreaded wheel bite. Wheel spacing allows for full access to UFS bolts making frame change/rotation a breeze. UFS mounting points have been beefed up to 9mm thick to increase stiffness and prevent any unwanted fracturing.  Streamlined sidewalls, aluminum spacers, and our 8mm sickle axles complete what shapes up to be everybody’s favorite frame for grinding ledges and carving bowls.    


Available in Black, Ivory, Maroon, and Dark Grey



·         Symmetrical design

·         8mm grind wall thickness with rounded edges

·         9mm UFS mount thickness

·         48mm wall height

·         Large Length 305mm

·         Medium Length 292mm

·         103mm spacing between 2nd and 3rd wheel

·         GC 8mm Sickle Bolts & Aluminum Frame/Bearing Spacers

·         Frame with spacers weighs 8.7 oz. each

·         Full access to UFS Bolts

·         Designed for flat setups with wheel sizes ranging from 59mm to 64mm

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