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unnamed.jpg Razors Skates Cult White Copper 2
Razors Skates Cult White Copper 2
199,95 € *
remz2.5w.jpeg Remz Skate HR 2.5 White
Stylish new version of the brand’s acclaimed last model, meet the long awaited new Remz weapon, the HR2 . 5W . It features plastic reinforced soft panels for a more resilient skin and no ‘soft spots’, a redesigned liner engineered for...
379,95 € *
DHside2-min.png Razors Skate SL DH2 Signature
Presenting the 2nd Derek Henderson Signature Pro Model SL Skate from Razors Skate Co. The complete skate comes stock with Derek's 64mm GC Wheel, GC FLT3 Frames, and Reign V3 Liners. Features: Razors SL Shell in Black Brown Cuff Hexagonal...
349,95 € *
CASside720.png Razors Skates Cult All Star
The Cult All Star takes inspiration from one of our favorite pieces of footwear, featuring black boots with a white toecap and soul. Shipped complete with GC FLT3 Frames, new GC 57mm/92A Wheels, Razors cuff with buckle stash, and Razors...
189,95 € *
Loca white m.jpg Razors Skate Loca white/lilac
Loca Lilac We’re pleased to announce our 2 nd release for Loca Skates - the Loca Lilac is the introduction of the first Razors Shift shell in white. Accompanied by a lilac IFC soul frames and detailing. This model comes complete with...
279,95 € *
Shift grey-m.jpg Razors Skate Shift Grey
Shift Grey The Shift Grey comes complete with Reign/Razors Collaborative Liners, Hockey Style Laces, GC FLT3 Frames, 62mm/90A Wheels (setup anti-rocker), ABEC9 Bearings and Shift/SL Heelpad. A new added eyelet improves fit and...
289,95 € *
SHIMA1side.png Razors Skates Shima 1 Reissue - Limited Edition
SHIMA1 Reissue 20 years in the making 2 decades ago Razors released the first in what grew into 7 pro skate collaborations with Brian Shima , catapulting both the brand and the man to new heights. The SHIMA1 Reissue pays tribute to the...
299,95 € *
Gen Jun 2020 8-wheels.jpg Razors Skate Genesys Junior 8 wheels US 3-6...
Spring is here ! bringing with it a sense of heightened energy, new blood, and a new Genesys Junior Skate . With a patented, proven adjustment design , fresh color-way and 8 or 4 wheel options, the 2020 Genesys Jr is the premiere junior...
169,95 € *
remzHR2.5-10.jpg Remz Skate HR 2.5
The new Remz HR2.5 [Stealth] features a fresh streamlined design, an all new liner, new reinforced patterns, and a new ankle strap system. Its new internal pattern composition allows optimal use of shell space inside the Remz, this...
329,95 € *
Gen Jun 2019 8w-m.jpg Razors Skate Genesys Junior Flat Setup US 3-6...
Razors Skate Genesys Junior Flat Setup US 3-6 (8W) grey Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it a sense of heightened energy, new blood, and a new Genesys Junior Skate . With a patented, proven adjustment design , fresh...
169,95 € *
Cult Gold I.png Razors Skates Cult Gold
Our newest Razors Cult has hit the market, and it’s time to add some gold to your portfolio. The cult favorite comes in a classic black boot with just the right amount of gold accent. Still using the same trusted boot shell, we've...
199,95 € *
IMG_5860.jpg Razors Shift 2 Skate black/grey
Razors Shift 2 Skate black/grey
259,95 € * 299,95 € *
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