AO Scooter Timo Stuermlin V2 Complete black

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Maximum order amount 4 pieces per order The  Timo  Complete is light weight... mehr
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Maximum order amount 4 pieces per order

The Timo Complete is light weight yet super strong and comes with a super sturdy Chromoly bar and fork designed to withstand the heaviest of riding. The balanced feeling of the deck makes for a comfortable cruise no matter what terrain you choose. Timo's deck features a new headtube design that allows for maximum foot space and increased noseblunt/crook room. It is covered by a 90 day warranty and lifetime warranty for the wheels against dehubbing.


  • NEW extruded & CNC headtube
  • 15 mm more space between deck and front wheel
  • Shorter base for more foot space
  • Angled tail shape
  • Overall height: 34.25” (870 mm)
  • Deck width: 4.8” x length 20.5” (122 x 520 mm)
  • Adjustable break to fit up to 125 mm wheels
  • Progressive Chromoly fork (mini HIC)
  • RTR Slim grips
  • 110 mm spoked alum wheels
  • Chromoly bar: H: 24.5” x W:22” (H: 622 x W:560 mm)
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs. (3.88 kg)
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