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slim_grip_7c-m.jpg Raptor Slim Grips
The new slightly thinner Slim grips for scooters offer an improved feel right out of the box and traction from the multi-directional rib pattern. Features: - 160 mm long (6 ¼”) - 1 mm thinner than our CoryV grips - Horizontal lines for...
11,95 € *
Cory-V-Grip-colors.jpg Raptor Cory V Grips
Raptor is proud to introduce our first signature grip. Developed and tested by Cory Vanlew himself the grips are a bit thinner than our previous models and offer a better feel and more gripyyness even with wet hands. Secret to this are...
11,95 € *
11150-Raptor-Tail-8c-800.jpg Raptor Tail Long Grips
With a length of 63/4 " ( 170 mm ) , the Raptor Tail Grips over 25 % longer than the normal version and the perfect choice for riders with wider bars . During normal BMX Grips hold only about 3-4 weeks , can withstand Raptor Grips up to...
9,95 € *
2200_Claw grips front.jpg Raptor Claw Grips W/Flange
While normal bmx grips only last about 3 weeks, Raptor grips can withstand over 6 months of intense riding. The secret is an additional 1.5 mm stronger wall thickness which is about 50 % more than traditional grips. The results is an...
7,50 € * 10,95 € *
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