Raptor Tail Long Grips

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With a length of 63/4 " ( 170 mm ) , the Raptor Tail Grips over 25 %... mehr
Produktinformationen "Raptor Tail Long Grips"

With a length of 63/4 "(170 mm), the Raptor Tail Grips over 25% longer than the normal version and the perfect choice for riders with wider bars.

During normal BMX Grips hold only about 3-4 weeks, can withstand Raptor Grips up to 6 months intensive riding.

The secret is 50% more wall thickness which also have an amazingly good feeling and grip to the result. They also offer a quite effective shock absorbers (shock absorber) and allow a longer riden without the hands and wrists get tired.

Screw bare nylon ends (Plugs) guarantee a safe stop.

The Tail Grips come with vertical ribs and without flange. Thus, in a bar spins nothing is in the way.


- Length: 170 mm (6 ¾ ")

- 1.5 mm more wall thickness

- Vertical ribs

- Without flange

- Shock

- Superior durability

- Screw bare bar ends

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