Elyts Shoes Mid Top 2 White Action

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The Action shoes are designed for shock absorption and to withstand the rough handling shoes... mehr
Produktinformationen "Elyts Shoes Mid Top 2 White Action"

The Action shoes are designed for shock absorption and to withstand the rough handling shoes are exposed to in scootering. The upper is made of genuine leather, the soles come with super high rubber content and the heel area is reinforced in the ankle area for extra support and to protect your ankles from getting hurt in tail whips.
One of the key missions of Elyts shoes is to provide shock absorption. Elyts Shoes accomplished this goal by incorporating a proprietary mid sole inside the shoe sole which absorbs most of the shocks. A high rebound insole with gel pad provides a second layer of shock absorption and is responsible for the high comfort of the shoe. Once you try them on you'll instantly get the feeling of walking on clouds. One of the biggest benefits of the Icons shoes however is that you can still feel the deck.
Also the outsole was designed specifically for scooter needs and comes with a 5 mm thick sole with high rubber content for superior grip and minimal abrasion. All outsoles are lab tested and must meet DIN 65, the ultimate standard in skate shoe technology.

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